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Crystal Sky is a gifted Psychic Astrologer and has dedicated herself to studying Astrology, the Zodiac, The moon and its influence on us, and the Kabbalah.

Crystal has a gifted way of tapping into her psychic and astrology abilities which is clearly demonstrated in her Psychic email readings.  Her readings are done using a combination of clairvoyance, intuition, astrology, and the zodiac. She is proficient in the fields of Astrology,  Psychic intuition, Tarot Card Reading and Shamanism.

Crystal has an established local and international client base who consult with her frequently on matters regarding – Love, Relationships, Money, Business, and Family. Throughout her career Crystal has assisted people, students and other metaphysical practitioners gain knowledge in mysticism.  She also teaches Psychic Development, Shamanism, Spirit guides.  In 2016 Crystal opened a free monthly Zodiac horoscopes website which also features monthly Moon Phases and events, as well as detailed Astrological horoscope forecasts. In 2017 Crystal began publishing Horoscope books on Amazon.  You can visit her Amazon
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